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Guest DJ: The Naked and Famous

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After touring around the world for a few years, New Zealanders The Naked and Famous released their second album In Rolling Waves this past fall.

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The band's Thom and Alisa teamed up with iHeartRadio when they were in New York City recently to Guest DJ a radio station that represents their personal taste. Check out their favorite tracks below!

1. Portishead - "Chase The Tear"

Thom: It’s just a great single and it’s just something that we listen to quite a lot. The live performance of it, I’ve seen it online, and it’s just really fantastic cause it sounds just like the recording. 

Alisa: It’s a song that was actually written and recorded as part of a charity for Amnesty Internationaland I really like hearing us make music for things like, such a reputable charity so it’s fantastic.

2. Kids Of 88 - "Tucan"

Alisa: Kids Of 88, they were all friends. They’re a band from New Zealand and I actually do feature vocals on this track. It was like the second time I had collaborated with anyone outside of The Naked And Famous so yeah, it’s a lot of fun this song.

3. James Blake - "Retrograde" 

Thom: It was just one of the tracks that we found ourselves listening to again and again while we were writing In Rolling Waves – was just our latest album.

4. Maya Jane Coles - "Everything"

Thom: We just stumbled across it recently and I didn’t know about the featuring artist Karin Park on it either, but yeah, new fans!

5. Health - "Tears"

Thom: That was just another track that while we were driving through Los Angeles it was just on in the car all the time. Every time I’d get in the car, I’d put it on. Great band, we’ve been listening to them since we started this band, and I’ve got a friend now living in a house that one of them owns.

6. Suuns - "Powers Of Ten"

Thom: We went and saw them in Echo park which is where we ended up living just before we left for touring. I loved their first album, this one was fantastic. Such a brilliant opening track. I go running to it.

7. Bjork - "Army Of Me"

Alisa: Everyone in our band are huge fans of Bjork and I think “Army Of Me” is one of her most classic and iconic songs. For anyone that’s never really listened to any of her music before, I think that track would be one of the perfect ways to intern to her world. 

8. Sombear - "Love You In The Dark"

Alisa: Sombear is a brand new band and it is the project of the drummer from a band called Now Now who we’ve toured with, and it’s absolutely fantastic. I’m really excited to see where he takes his project but it’s really exciting pop electronic music.

9. Atoms For Peace - "Ingenue"

Thom: I’ve always been a big Radiohead fan and I love virtually everything Thom Yorke touches. I was excited about this album and I loved The Eraser. I know Atoms For Peace isn’t quite the continuation of the The Eraser, it was more of a fresh concept, and it does feel and sound like that is cool but yeah, it’s still Thom Yorke. 

10. PJ Harvey - "Rid Of Me"

Alisa: PJ Harvey, she’s one of my earlier musical influences and the song, “Rid Of Me,” is – I’m very fond of it because it was the last song that I performed at my music college before dropping out to start The Naked And Famous. 

Check out the band's latest single "I Kill Giants" below!

Photo Credit Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio


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